*Last Updated Dec 2010*

Thank you for reading the Terms of Use.
I will try and keep them as simple as I can, if you have any questions about my T.O.U please email me.

99% of my site is FREE but it does come with Terms so please follow them.

I offer the Outlines - Tubes & Extra's to you for free - for * END USE ONLY *
and as such I expect you NOT to PROFIT in any way with them.
Should you wish to profit from creating then you need to join a Paid Membership.

*I have decided to allow again free email accounts to join with. *
Terms of Use for DaisyEvilprincess's 
Blinkies - Frames - Outlines - Tubes & Extra's

You cannot and must not *PROFIT* from my work. (From the FREE section of my site).

You cannot add any of my Outlines / Tubes & Extra's to your site for download. 

You Must not give your [username & password] to anyone & you must display your membership logo.

Do not claim anything as your own which you download from this site.

You cannot remove any watermarking or copyright or change any file names to anything onsite.

You Can.....
Create Stationary / Signatures / Calendars / Adoptions / Calling Cards / Blinkies / Frames / Animations
with outlines/tubes from my site providing you keep things for free - and these can be offered to your members.

Setting up some Folders & Sub folders like below
will help you keep track of Tubes & Outlines and help you to keep my terms of use.

* Download my TXT.FILE to keep in your folders so your always aware of my Terms *
Tubes from *My Memberships*

Are the same terms of use as mine.
A lot of my earlier tubes came from Tutorials which allowed me to tube them providing it was 
for FREE use only - now if I offer these tubes to you the same terms apply.

You cannot add the Tube Packs to your site for download or give away.


Using any of my Signatures [ free or paid ] are for personal use only
under no circumstances are you to alter them - rip, slice and dice or offer them to others.

I do allow you to request a limited amount of signatures for others people, so there is not need to abuse my TOU.

Social Networking Sites

I have decided to remove this Rule of not allowing you to use them on Social Networking Sites.

Providing that you.....

Anything added to the sites are in Folders / Albums with my Domain Name "DaisyEvilprincess.com" and a link back to here!

Understanding What * End Use * Means 

Some members do not understand what * End Use * means, so let me try and explain.

Using anything from this site, means you need to create something with it and give it 
away for *FREE* as I'm a NONE PROFIT SITE.

Not just use one of the Tubes & add a text name/ or a saying to it and call it your own.
You need to create a scene or - complete signature / animation / blinkies / or web set etc with the items here.


*My Terms Of Use*..... You cannot rewrite these tutorials / claim it as your own!

You CANNOT create anything from it for Profit - Also you cannot create Outlines/Tubes from the finished results 
and offer these to anyone, although you may keep the Outlines/Tubes for your own personal use.

 You cannot/must not create Outlines/Tubes from the Tutorials and add these to your site for downloads. 

You can create Tags/Web-Sets/Stationary from the Tutorial, for others as long as you keep things FREE.


Any linking to the site must be done to the Main Page only http://daisyevilprincess.com -Thank you!

Thank you for respecting these Terms of Use - and for following them too :O)

Purchase Tubes

* * * Terms of Use for Purchase Tube Packs ONLY* * *

Any tube pack purchased from me will come with a Tube Pack Cert which must be displayed on your 
Site somewhere linking back here.

Anything created with the Tube Pack can be PROFITED by - providing your site is linking back to http://daisyevilprincess.com

 You cannot add the Purchased Tube Pack to your site for download or give away. 

Purchasing any of the Purchase Tube Packs  are the only thing you may PROFIT by from this site.

Purchasing Tube / Signature Packs for friends (Please give details of Friend, ie: site/name of person)

Thank you - Daisy


I pay for my Memberships - and also for my Domain and Hosting and reserve the right to enforce these 
"Terms of Use", and to change at my discretion.