Thank you for your interest in wanting to Join My Site

Several changes have been made to the * FREE MEMBERS AREA*
I have hated to have to make it a request to join site, as I have always been so *giving* and only requested one thing in return
and that was you didn't break my simple Terms Of Use.

 }{ Keep things NONE PROFIT }{

With all that set aside, I will let you know what's available within my Free Area Site.

Adoptions - Alpha Sets - Animations - Backgrounds - Blinkies - Frames - Outlines
Pixel Tubes - PSP Tubes - Signatures - Stamp Collections  [ PNG & Photoshop Tubes ]
Pixel & PSP Tutorials & Websets.

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Before E-Mailing me for your Username/Password I will now require some info from you.

Just copy and paste the info into an E-Mail and send me your details.

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Usernames/passwords are Case Sensitive

All previous passwords may of been changed, so please get in contact with the above info also,
 if you were previous member and cannot gain access.

Even though my site is FREE to you, it does cost me a fair amount in Domain Registration - Website Hosting
and my Pixel Memberships and Purchased Tubes to which I offer the benefits to you, and seeing my terms broken
seems that adding these new changes is the way to keep my site still FREE to you.

I have had several individuals not respect my terms or my work
and I hate it making me feel like I cannot trust anyone again, I do apologize to my Trustworthy Members
for whom will now have to re apply for their Memberships back here.

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Thank you for reading the Terms of Use

99% of my site is FREE but it does come with Terms so please follow them.
I offer the Outlines - Tubes & Extra's to you for free - 
and as such I expect you NOT to PROFIT in any way with them.
Should you wish to profit from creating then you need to join a Paid Membership.

Thank you - Daisy