• Q.   Can I create Tubes with your Outlines? and add them to my site for download even if I keep them FREE?
    A.   Sorry, but I don't have that many outlines, so No - although you may tube them for yourself, providing they do not  get added anywhere like a CD to purchase or a site for download.


  • Q.   Can I create Websets - Signatures - Adoptions - Blinkies - Stationary - Calling Cards - Calendars - Frames and add them to my site for download?
    A.   Yes you may - providing that you do not charge money for these.


  • Q.   Can I purchase a Tube Licence from you?
    A.   Sorry, but at this moment in time I do not offer these, so No. If I do in the future all members will be informed of my changes and offered one.


  • Q.   Do I have to purchase any of your Tubes or Signatures from your Purchase Section, in order to become a Member  of your Free Member Site?
    A.   NO, I have these on offer to help with the upkeep of my Free Members Area, your more then welcome to purchase some of them, but its not a requirement for the Free Membership.


  • Q.   Can I request a Signature from the Free Members Area for a friend of mine? or for Signature Swaps etc with the groups I belong to?
    A.   Yes, I do allow this, but if it becomes regular for requests for your friends, then I ask that they join themselves.


  • Q.   I have a Website that is a Paid Membership, would you need a username/password to check that I am keeping your Terms Of Use?
    A.   No, I don't require one, if you wish to give one that's fine.  I do trust you to keep my Terms Of Use! - However I have  had my Terms Of Use broken several times - 
    There are a lot of people out there who will soon tell me if your breaking them!


  • Q.   I requested some of your Free Signatures and haven't received them yet! when will I get my Signatures?
    A.   I tend to get them out to you within 48 hours - but there maybe times when it can take a little longer.  I do try my best to get them done within 48 hours - but these are FREE tags, and I do not live inside my PC so when real life kicks in you may have to wait a little bit longer.  If you haven't heard from me after a WEEK, then please email again, but do not hound me every day as that will just P*SS me off and you wont receive anything but a snappy email... LOL


  • Q.   My website is from another Country and I speak another Language - Can I still be a member of your Site?
    A.   Yes, providing my Terms Of Use are followed and we can communicate via a Translator that's fine with me :O)


  • Q.   Can I share my username/password with my Friend / Family member?
    A.   Certainly NOT - if your friend / family member wants to join then please send them in this direction.


  • Q.   I am setting up a website - would you help me?
    A.   If I can help, then I will - but my time is really limited so please bear that in mind when asking.


  • Q.   Do you do requests for certain graphics - signatures - websets etc?
    A.   If there is something your wanting and I have an outline/tube then I will if I have time create the request for you.


  • Q.   It's been ages since you have updated, will you ever be updating again?
    A.   Sometimes real life gets in the way of my PC time and I don't get the chance to create / and or my muse just goes completely and by the time it comes back, several weeks/months have gone by and all I have done is kept up with the Signature requests. Also this site was created with FREE Membership - which means its a *win win* thing for you, your not losing money or subscription months/years so if you cannot be patient when updates don't happen for a while, then this is not the site for you...... I suggest you look around for a Purchase Membership where your guaranteed your update. There are very few Memberships out there that offer anything for free, let alone the amount I offer for free, so I wish you a Happy Search!....lol


  • Q.   You created a Signature for me and my friend wants one - Can I change the name on mine and give it to her?
    A.   Definitely not, that is a NO-NO!, if your friend likes them, get them to come join the site or purchase the Signature from me themselves.


  • Q.   I broke your Terms OF Use - and you booted me out, can I still use the things I downloaded from you like the tubes, outlines, tutorials, graphics etc?  Would you ever let me rejoin?
    A.   What do you think? - Your right, the answer was NO!


Thankyou for reading these,  - Daisy
If you still have a Question that needs Answering about the site, please Contact Me .